Types of Braces Provided


Here at Young & Well Orthodontics, we understand your desire to have a smile that is as beautiful as it is healthy. That’s why Dr. Well provides a variety of orthodontic treatments from the convenience of our Beverly Hills orthodontic office.

Length of Treatment

How long does it take to achieve a great smile? It depends on your unique treatment needs and smile goals. For patients who require a small amount of tooth movement and have no bite issues, treatment may only take a few months. Patients who have advanced treatment needs can expect treatment to last up to two years. Regardless of your treatment needs, you can rest assured that Dr. Well and our team will offer the most efficient methods to get you smiling as soon as possible.

Traditional Metal Braces

metal braces

Traditional metal braces can move teeth and their roots in three dimensions by using braces and a straight wire to align the teeth and correct the bite. They are effective in moving the root of the tooth, which is needed for dramatic tooth movement.


Self-Ligating Braces

self-ligating braces

In-Ovation® self-ligating braces have a special door on each individual brace/bracket that holds the wire in place. This reduces friction and ensures that the wire remains secured in each bracket in between visits. These benefits can significantly reduce treatment time, often by three to six months!


Clear (Ceramic) Braces

clear braces

Clarity™ clear braces are made out of a clear acrylic or ceramic, and they work like regular braces. They are a great option for clients who need braces but require a higher level of aesthetics while in treatment. Clear braces need to be cleaned more thoroughly than metal because food shows up more easily. There is also a minor risk of damaging the enamel surface when using clear braces because they are more difficult to remove from the tooth.


Clear Aligners


Invisalign® and ClearCorrect™ clear aligners are removable, clear plastic coverings of the teeth. An aligner is like a clear glove that fits perfectly over the teeth and is virtually invisible.

Clear aligners are for clients who need mild to moderate correction of their tooth positions and do not have a severe malocclusion/bad bite. Aligners are very precise and can be used to fine tune tooth positions very well. They are great at tipping the teeth, but not as good at moving the roots of the teeth that are in the bone, and so their use is limited. They make it easy to floss, as there is no archwire, and there is no concern about breaking off brackets when eating. Most of all, they are highly aesthetic.

If you choose clear aligners, you’ll need to visit our Beverly Hills orthodontic office every four to 12 weeks depending on the case and the stage of treatment. During these visits, Dr. Well will monitor your progress and give you new sets of aligners.


Lingual Braces

lingual braces

Lingual braces are placed on the inside of the teeth and cannot be seen. They are as powerful as traditional braces, and yet invisible. We are now doing accelerated lingual braces at a cost far below market value. Come in for your consultation today to see if you are a candidate for this highly efficient treatment. It's perfect for pre-wedding makeovers or anyone interested in fast, effective orthodontic rehabilitation.